FREE Tutorial | Learn how to paint in Watercolour

The basic principals of painting in watercolour: macarons, ice cream and cherries

Your FREE tutorial in watercolour painting with artist Kerrie Hess. Learn how to paint small simple objects such as sweets and cherries in watercolour.

Learn the basics of watercolour painting with Kerrie Hess, featuring:

• Macarons

• Ice Cream

• Cherries


You will need watercolour paper, basic watercolour paints and some simple brushes.


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It's time to reclaim your creativity with me...

Your mentor, Kerrie Hess.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about painting in watercolour?
Yes, my 6 Week Course in Painting Flowers in Watercolour is your next step after this tutorial! Enrolments are OPEN at the link below: You can also pop over to the Kerrie Hess 12 week Online Masterclass in painting next! This in depth course for beginners, and opens only once per year. Find out more at:
Do I have to already know how to paint in watercolour to do this course?
You really don't! Simply have some basic watercolour paper and watercolour paints (either tubes or a dry palette will work!) . And get started on how to paint in watercolour with your mentor Kerrie Hess...
Is there another step on from this tutorial to keep painting with Kerrie?
Yes! The Kerrie Hess Masterclass in painting flowers in watercolor is OPEN for enrolments here: There is also the 12 week Masterclass in painting in both watercolor and acrylic that opens once per year. Find out more about it here:

Your Instructor

Kerrie Hess
Kerrie Hess

Kerrie Hess is an internationally renowned fashion illustrator and artist from Australia. She is self taught in painting over a period of twenty years.

Following one year as a Graphic Designer at The Independent Newspaper in London, Kerrie Hess started out professionally as an artist with her first commissions with VOGUE Australia and Topshop’s Arcadia Group at the age of 19. The move to full time art and illustration followed with Kerrie illustrating fashion windows in the US for Neiman Marcus Department Store at just twenty; commissions for NET-A-PORTER, Harvey Nichols and Laduree Paris. As well billboards and window's in Paris for 'Printemps Department Store.'

Kerrie has illustrated a capsule collection of textiles for Kate Spade New York as well as for CARTIER and Tiffany and Co. Kerrie has illustrated the 15th Anniversary cover of Harper’s Bazaar and the global ‘Paper Dolls’ project for Louis Vuitton Paris. Kerrie is the first Australian artist to hold a solo exhibition in Paris at Le Meurice Hotel Paris in Salvador Dali's former art and music ballroom 'The Salon Pampadour', which opened in Jan 2012. Kerrie has illustrated the windows of Harrods London three times between 2015 and 2017.

Kerrie now lives in Australia with her son Marcel since returning from France. Her art prints, original works and art supplies are available at: